Vegas is always a gamble, but the stakes got higher for SingFit this year as we were nominated for a health innovation award at the Consumer Electronics Show, which takes place in Las Vegas each January.

We are happy to announce that we hit the awards jackpot (and won $10 on the Wonder Woman slot machines) this past week in the city that Bugsy built. SingFit PRIME won the Everyday Health Award in the category of Healthy Aging. SingFit PRIME is crafted by certified music therapists to bring about positive life changes, elevated mood and increased focus for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Thanks to the judges and everyone who voted online.

Check out this wonderful write up of SingFit’s win and appearance at CES on, part of USA Today. Or check out the press release from Everyday Health on all the award winners.

We know part of the reason that we won this award and others like it is because many of our SingFit PRIME singers have been willing to star in videos that showcase our technology. So kudos and thank you to folks like Olivia who have shown the world what singing can do for people with dementia.

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Rachel Francine
Co-Founder & CEO
Musical Health Technologies