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  • SingFit:
    Turning Music
    into Medicine 

  • The Supersonic
    Science of

  • How We Put
    the  Science
    to Work

  • SingFit Wins AARP


The SingFit PRIME app



  • SingFit™ PRIME is a music-therapist-designed cognitive and physical stimulation program crafted especially for the senior living industry.
  • SingFit PRIME incorporates singing, movement, trivia and reminiscence for a fully engaging mind/body workout.
  • SingFit PRIME clients are leaders in the senior-care industry including Aegis Senior Livng, Five Star Senior Living, Belmont Senior Living and more.
  • Learn more about SingFit PRIME now to make your senior-living community or home-care company shine!



  • Download the SingFit app from iTunes and incorporate singing three times a week into your health and wellness routine.
  • Regular singing is a proven way to relieve stress, elevate mood and create greater focus!


SingFit LABS

  • For decades music therapists have used prescribed singing solutions to create positive healthcare outcomes.
  • At SingFit we are hard at work at creating scalable singing solutions designed by music therapists and powered by our Lyric Coach technology.
  • Have a healthcare problem you’re working on solving? Get in touch to see how we can work together to transform the use of music as medicine.


Elevated mood, decreased agitation and better focus for residents with dementia: These are just some of the benefits staff at communities with SingFit PRIME programs report. The only scalable active music-making program available in the senior-care industry, SingFit PRIME is a music-therapist-designed cognitive and physical stimulation program for a fully engaging mind/body workout in group and 1:1 settings. An effective therapeutic music program, a powerful marketing tool and a unique professional development opportunity – listen to what staff, residents and families say about their SingFit PRIME experiences here.





  • Patented iPad app with our unique Lyric Coach system enables even those with dementia and vision impairments to sing and record their favorite songs.
  • The Lyric Coach prompts the words of the song to singers right before they need to be sung.
  • Listen to how SingFit’s Lyric Coach works right now.
  • The SingFit app features more than 200 of the biggest hit songs hits from Tony Bennett, Patsy Cline, Elvis Presley, Nat King Cole and many others.


  • Designed by certified music therapists.
  • SingFit PRIME includes themed playlists with corresponding trivia, choreographed movements and self-disclosure questions.
  • Crafted to promote physical movement and socialization as well as singing.
  • Twelve new playlists a quarter mean that SingFit PRIME sessions remain fresh for residents, clients and staff!

Training & Support

  • Expert training ensures that SingFit PRIME is consistent and tailored to meet the needs of each community.
  • Ongoing support means that the SingFit PRIME program can be used to address the goals and challenges of individual communities and residents.
  • Support team, including certified music therapists, are here to make your SingFit PRIME program shine.


Senior living communities with SingFit PRIME programs report residents, including those with dementia, who participate in session three times a week experience many benefits.

Improved Cognitive
Improved Social
Decreased Agitation
Elevated Mood

Increased Overall
Group Participation
Self Esteem
Better Relationship
with Staff

Our partner senior living communities also report that their SingFit PRIME program provides a:

  • No Preparation Required Group Activity
  • Powerful Sales and Marketing Tool
  • Low Cost Stress Management Tool for Staff

  • Unique Professional Development Opportunity
  • Positive Shared Experience for Staff and Residents
  • Call 323.677.2525 to get seniors shining with SingFit


The past ten years has seen an acceleration of the research confirming the benefits of regular singing, even over music listening.

While we here at SingFit encourage the use of music listening, a listening process is highly reliant on the participant emotionally contacting with the song content.

Regular singing consistently produces results due to autonomic physiological reactions that take place when we sing. Read more about the differences between music listening and singing here.


Top research labs confirm, singing:

Provides a Whole Brain, Bi-Hemispheric Workout
Harvard Medical School

Releases stress reducing neuro chemicals including serotonin, endorphins, melatonin, dopamine and oxygenation.
McGill University

Positively regulates cortisol & immunity
UCLA Irvine

Improves Respiration & Blood Oxygenation
University of College London

Positively influences heartbeat regulation
Oxford University Hospitals

Testimonials and Videos

  • “Our residents love SingFit. The residents not only love the music, but also show favor towards the shakers and scarves as well. I end up extending SingFit longer than planned. It is amazing to watch the residents become involved – I love SingFit!”

    Vanessa King Love - Life Enrichment Director at Aegis of Northgate

  • “After our Mardi Gras party, we transitioned right into a spontaneous SingFit session. Residents and their families were dancing and singing – everyone was having an amazing time.”

    PJ Koshi - Life Enrichment Director at Aegis Callahan House

  • “Residents who are usually not interactive are singing and following along. Thanks for a great program! You and your staff are changing lives.”

    Kristin Purcha - Program Services Director at Villa Valencia, 5 STAR


Here are some of the organizations currently using SingFit Prime in their communities.





Summerset Senior Living





the birches



Friends Place Adult Day

the birches


Friends Place Adult Day

the birches


Friends Place Adult Day


Press and Awards

At SingFit, we've been fortunate enough to receive awards and press from prestigious organizations including the AARP, the Silicon Valley Boomer Summit, the Consumer Electronics Show, Fast Company and USA Today. Please read more about SingFit by clicking on the links below.










“Some residents who hardly talk sing along to songs with SingFit. I have also found that if a resident is agitated, SingFit can calm them.”

Chris Saario - Memory Care Life Enrichment Director at Aegis of Marymoor


  • Andy Tubman
    Co-Founder and Chief of Therapeutics and Music
    A highly respected music therapist, public speaker and expert on music and the brain, Andy has spent 15 years developing innovative techniques that help clients achieve their therapeutic goals. These evidence based techniques provide the underpinnings for all of SingFit’s programming and protocols. Andy’s current favorite song in the SingFit catalog is “House of the Rising Sun”

  • Rachel Francine
    Co-Founder and CEO
    With over 15 years experience building startups, Rachel has led teams and strategy for recognized leaders in technology and media including, CitySearch, Ticketmaster, and Current TV. Rachel earned her Masters degree in Long Term Strategic Planning in order to build profitable businesses that also did immense good. Rachel’s current favorite song in the SingFit catalog is “Act Naturally”

  • Carlos Fletes
    VP, Operations
    Carlos has over 15 years experience providing leadership to organizations of all sizes. Specializing in building and scaling operations for rapid growth, Carlos is equally at home at both startups and mature companies. Carlos’ current favorite song in the SingFit catalog is “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay”

  • Brad Colton
    Music Production & Music Publishing
    If you’ve used the SingFit app, you’ve heard the musical mastery, technical wizardry and very likely the voice of Brad Colton. Brad graduated from California State University Long Beach, where he studied percussion by day and started a professional music career by night. Brad’s current favorite song in the SingFit catalog is “Hang on Sloopy”

  • Kate Richards Geller
    Music Therapist
    Kate is a singer/songwriter, vocal improviser, CircleSong facilitator, and clinically trained music therapist with a Masters from NYU. For over 20 years, she’s been using music to improve Quality of Life in a variety of medical, educational and community settings. Her favorite song in the SingFit catalog is “You Wonderful You”.

  • Alicia Ramirez
    Music Therapist
    Hailing all the way from Colombia, Alicia received her music therapy degree from Cal State University, Northridge. On any given day you may see Alicia leading one of our SingFit webinars, creating SingFit PRIME programming or training senior care professionals in our evidenced based practices. Alicia’s current favorite song in the SingFit catalog is “Let It Be Me”

  • Davisha Guerrier
    Executive Assistant
    Originally from Boston, Davisha graduated from Allegheny College with a degree in International Studies. She spent years as an AmeriCorps member working to meet the critical needs of the community. She has worked in both education and Nonprofits with her primary goal being to improve the lives of others. Davisha’s current favorite song in the SingFit catalog is “Don’t Worry Be Happy”.

  • Terri Sullivan
    Terri brings to SingFit twenty plus years of new business development, account management and sales expertise. Prior to entering the senior housing industry, she held various sales leadership roles within global companies such as 3M, PGI and NEC America. She has a BS in Management from Bentley University and an AS in Computer Information Systems from Cape Cod Community College.

  • George Howard
    George is the former president of Rykodisc (the world’s largest independent record label), and co-founder of TuneCore. George advises a wide-range of clients — including Intel, NPR, Brown University, and others — on how to integrate technology with strategy. He is an Associate Professor of Management at Berklee College of Music and Brown University, and a JD/MBA.


We’re growing fast here at Musical Health Technologies and are currently hiring for a number of roles, both full-time and part-time. Most positions are based in Los Angeles, but a few positions are open to telecommuters. If you’re passionate about the role that music can have in improving people’s lives, whether through your excellent product-management skills, your legendary sales prowess or your sparkling writing skills, we’ve got those jobs and more!

“A room bound resident joined the SingFit session yesterday and made me very happy – this was such a positive from SingFit.”

Donna George, Director of Programming at Front Porch - Claremont Manor

Contact Us

Address: 1010 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Phone: 323 677-2575

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