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What’s New – Singing for Seniors
At Musical Health Technologies we’ve just launched SingFit Silver & Gold™, a music-therapist-designed singing program for the senior-care industry. Centered around our patented iPad/iPhone/iTouch app, you can read all about SingFit Silver & Gold here. The best way to understand how SingFit (US Patent No. 5,820,384) makes it easier than ever to sing and record popular songs is to download the free app now or watch this short demo video.

Who Else We Work With – Our Outstanding Clients
We are also proud to work with a select group of clients including governmental agencies, universities, major electronics companies and many other smaller organizations focused on delivering quality services to their constituents. Together with entities like these, we create effective, innovative programs that usher in a new kind of care, one where Frank Sinatra, Patsy Cline and Bob Marley become our partners in providing quality services for people with a range of physical and neurological challenges. The staff at Opica Senior Daycare calls their SingFit program “transformational.”  Hear more in this short video.

What We Offer – Technology, Education, Content and Data That Sings! 

  • A customizable, trackable solution for providing top-notch, interactive musical programming
  • Scalable technology that can be adapted for a variety of distribution platforms
  • Education and support services for professional and at-home caregivers to ensure quality care
  • Simple to follow singing plans fit for a range of cognitive abilities
  • Data collection and analysis that tells a story through statistics and rich media
  • Robust, world-class musical content drawn from Billboard charts that spans generations and genres

Harvard & The Voice – Why Singing is Special
An ever-growing number of studies show that regular singing has a range of health and wellness benefits. These studies reveal what most of us feel instinctively, that singing can help maintain cognitive abilities and memory function, encourage positive social interactions and provide a cardiovascular workout, even for people who are non-ambulatory. However, it doesn’t really take Harvard and National Institute studies to see that, while it has never really gone out of style, singing has never been hotter. Flip through the TV dial and the steady stream of popular singing shows prove we are a society that is truly singing obsessed. And even with this preoccupation, how many of us are singing on a regular basis for the love of it? For fun? For health? The goal of SingFit is to get millions of people involved in singing as part of their daily and weekly fitness routines.

The SingFit Story – Why We Do What We Do
The brainchild of an opera singer and developed by certified music therapists, the SingFit app utilizes audio lyric prompts, not written lyrics. Because of this, SingFit’s fully adjustable Lyric Coach™ audio prompting means almost everyone, including people with no vision, low literacy and speech impairments, is able to sing the words of a song spontaneously, accurately and, most importantly, joyously.  For this reason, SingFit can be an ideal tool for working with people who have special needs like autism, ADHD and deficiencies due to traumatic brain injury. This audio prompting is the digital version of a technique employed by music therapists for decades.

At Musical Health Technologies, we coupled our patented SingFit technology with an expertise in music therapy to create programming and education that allows singing to be an accessible part of a healthy lifestyle for hundreds of millions of people. With songs like “Over the Rainbow,” “Lean on Me,” “Wind Beneath My Wings,” “Buffalo Solider” and “Love is a Battlefield,”  SingFit is an engaging tool for people of all ages and music lovers of all stripes.

You Know You Wanna – How to Get Your Clients Singing
If you are responsible for the care, education or entertainment of others and agree singing is a game-changing tool to exercise the body and brain, give us a ring. We are a determined band of warriors that includes music therapists, researchers, coders, educators, recording engineers, designers, business types and Grammy-winning artists, all focused on creating transformative musical experiences for millions of people of all ages and abilities. Join us.

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