2015 started on a high note for SingFit as we won the Consumer Electronics Show Healthy Aging Award in January and the year is wrapping up with another lovely acknowledgement  as the SingFit PRIME program took home the AARP Innovation in Caregiving Prize in early December. In between we’ve been featured in Forbes Magazine, Fast Company and USA Today. But for us, here at SingFit, the real highlights are bringing thousands more people 55+ into the overall SingFit chorus.

In more than a hundred assisted living communities, adult day programs and memory care environments all through the country, seniors participate in SingFit PRIME sessions two to fourteen times a week to increase their neurological, physical and emotional wellness.

At the same time, the concept of singing for health is gaining growing acceptance in the mainstream healthcare community due to an onslaught of research and evidence around how singing can create improved therapeutic outcomes for people with dementia and a host of difficult to treat conditions including Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease all the while providing a general health and wellness boost along the same lines as yoga and meditation.

Thanks to all of our clients, partners, freelancers, staff, certified facilitators and singers who make SingFit a reality. Thanks as well to our champion tweeters and Facebook likers (Levi’s mom!), who help spread the word about SingFit activities in real time. Below are some other highlights from SingFit’s 2015 and here’s to a harmonious 2016 for all.

Rachel Francine
SingFit Co-Founder and CEO

Andy Tubman
SingFit Co-Founder and Chief of Therapeutics and Music


New Partners and Clients Highlights
2015 brought in a host of new partner senior living communities and distribution partners to the SingFit family including Eskaton Senior Living, Front Porch Senior Living, Kisco Senior Living and technology giant CDW.

Also in the Spring of 2015, Oxnard Family Circle, an adult day program in Southern California began using SingFit PRIME with their participants, including a large percentage of veterans with dementia. Almost instantly wonderful stories about participants started to feed back to us including how a woman with advanced dementia spoke out herself after a session that she feels like she is “getting her memory back”. We also heard from the daughter of an 84 year old veteran with advanced dementia who said her father was trying to tell her about “the music he hears at the Center.” As the stories kept coming we knew we needed to go capture some of this ourselves and took a camera to Oxnard Family Circle to document the results at this incredible center including how SingFit PRIME is reducing the need for anti-anxiety drugs amongst some of their participants.


Oxnard Family Cirtcle Video Thumbnail


Press & Award Highlights
The ability of SingFit PRIME to help reduce medication use for seniors was also featured in Senior Housing News article, while a PBS Next Avenue post focused on how SingFit PRIME is being used to boost the mood of people with dementia.

During 2015 SingFit PRIME also received the National Investment Council (NIC) award for Innovation in Long Term Care as well as a McKnights Award for Dignity in Aging Award. Watch SingFit’s co-founder Andy Tubman’s presentation for the NIC award here and read about the McKnights win here. Read about our Consumer Electronics Show award and the AARP Caregiving Award and be sure to check out our Forbes, Fast Company and the USA Today/Reviewed.com articles.

Research Highlights
In the winter of 2015 SingFit undertook a 12 week study at 11 senior living communities. Two groups of 8 to 15 seniors 60+ (one group who reside in memory care, one group in assisted living) participated in SingFit PRIME sessions, on an average of 3 times per week for forty minute sessions. Read more about SingFit PRIME here. These 100+ residents showed overall elevations in mood, improvements in cognition and more frequent social interactions. The results from this SingFit study, which will be released in 2016, are echoed in an 89 person study out of Finland which shows that regular singing improves working memory, executive function, and orientation for people with dementia.

In Spring of 2015, the research parameters on a Tufts University study which examines how singing with SingFit impacts memory, cognition and emotional regulation in people 55+ with typically functioning brains were presented at a conference at the University of Southern California. We look forward to releasing the final results of this research in early 2016.

Thanks again to all our partners and supporters for a wonderful 2015 and be sure to contact us if your organization would like to know more about how singing can improve the health and quality of life for us all as we age!