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Want to know how SingFit's super-special, patented Lyric Coach can get you singing and recording songs at the touch of a button? Watch our three-minute demo above.

Research on the Benefits of Singing

The past ten years has seen an explosion of clinical research on the benefits of regular singing on our health and wellness.


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SingFit PRIME Group Session

Created by board-certified music therapists, SingFit PRIME is a robust singing-based health and fitness program designed for senior living communities.

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This Week in Music Research: August 8, 2014

In a study by Jacqueline Craig of Nottingham University Hospitals Trust, music therapy was shown to increase emotional well-being in dementia patients.  Dementia patients are easily agitated by unfamiliar things and objects, but music therapy can help ease patients’ troubles.

Other forms of art therapy can be very beneficial for patients with mental illness.  Bridgeview Community Support Program is a drop-in center for adults with mental illness.  Robin Getsug, an art therapist at Bridgeview, says that open studio is incredibly encouraging and allows patients to forget about their diagnosis.… Continue Reading


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