How the SingFit Mobile App works

Want to know how SingFit's super-special, patented Lyric Coach can get you singing and recording songs at the touch of a button? Watch our three-minute demo above.

Research on the Benefits of Singing

The past ten years has seen an explosion of clinical research on the benefits of regular singing on our health and wellness.


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SingFit PRIME Group Session

Created by board-certified music therapists, SingFit PRIME is a robust singing-based health and fitness program designed for senior living communities.

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Your Weekly Dose!

Wondering what SingFit PRIME looks like in action? I could tell you about the joy we see in the singers and the active participation from even the most dormant figures in the community. But I’d rather show you. If the saying is true that “a picture is worth a thousands words,” then this video, at 24 frames per second, is worth about 3.8 million. Look at the engagement, notice the excitement, and feel the fun throughout the entire session. Written and constructed by board-certified music therapists, the SingFit PRIME program unlocks the power of music and all of its benefits without the need for prior singing experience.… Continue Reading


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